Oh @iambenzino I swear you are a true scholar and poet with your choice of words.... I should know I've sucked the dicks of Actual talented artists 😍 I'm writing this for you to get more followers and of course give you all the attention ur asking for. I mean, we're Cape Verdean we need to stick together right? 😉 I know I'm just a dumb stripper but I would LOVE to invite you to come on an episode of the SECOND SEASON of the Amber Rose Show! Maybe you can perform something from ur new Album 😂😂😂 @monascottyoung is my right hand bitch so I'll have a convo with her to get you a lil check as well. Imma look out for you brotha no "Thank You's" needed 🙏🏽 maybe you can open up for me when I go on tour too! Also I'll be speaking at Harvard University, Stanford university and Syracuse University in the next couple of months about Rape Culture, Slut Shaming, Body Positivity and Sex Positivity as well. I would like to cordially invite you and your beautiful 19-year-old daughter to come and get educated. "WhoreWalk" I mean Slutwalk was such a success with 7 thousand men and women showing up and taking a stand against ignorant slut shamers like you. I really appreciate all of the extra press you've been giving The Amber Rose Foundation! We are forever indebted to you! 🌹

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